Sebastian Mahaluf

Sebastian Mahaluf (b.1976)

For Sebastian Mahaluf, geometry and it’s relation to the body is the main subject of artistic research. This research is divided into two lines of work.

The first one deals with the the analysis of shapes, in order to highlight specific features of the exhibition space. The space is converted into both measurable and intangible matter, like an ensemble of vectors in the space that maintains a certain order.

The second line of work is the study of the body understood as a performance tool. Focus is on simple geometry, to demonstrate the ephemeral objectivity of artistic production. It is the study of matter and its changes of state. Focus of research is on the object that remains at rest but at the same time preserves some motion.

In his performances, the place is transformed into the art work. The body becomes unstabile and autonomous, which precludes the traditional way to relate to the art piece as an object in a gallery.