Arts De Signs – Signalling Art as Social Design

Arts De SignsSignalling Art as Social Design provides a new platform for developing the design element of HIAP’s artistic programme. Traditionally, designers were concerned about the “final product” while artists worked in the realm of “form”. Contemporary artists today, however, often engage in investigative projects, making process, critique, community and affect a central part of their work. Contemporary design, too, has become ever more interested in societal innovation and engagement. The pioneering work of interdisciplinary artists, designers and socio-cultural theorists interested in real-world outcomes, has set new signposts for ways of working. In particular, this interdisciplinary field is key to new ideas for many designers at the forefront of their profession. As a sign of these times, Arts De Signs sets the framework for it to happen in practice in HIAP’s unique residency setting.

This new programme is realized in collaboration with ACSI/Aalto Camp for Social Innovation, EUNIC/European Union National Institutes for Culture (Responsible Design Programme), Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art (The Camouflage Exhibition), Gallery Sinne (Good TV). Arts De Signs – Signalling Art as Social Design is a part of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012.


Initiated by

Curator Marita Muukkonen