22 Dec 2018


Peer-to-Peer Review in Suomenlinna

Beatriz da Costa will present works from her recent project series, The Cost of Life, and her forthcoming project, Nostalgia in the PostcolonyThe Cost of Lifeincludes the video triptych Dying for the Other, which documents the lives of mice used in breast-cancer research, and humans suffering from the same disease. To produce this video, da Costa documented scenes from her own life during the summer of 2011, combining them with footage taken at a breast-cancer-research facility in New York City over the same time frame.

During his HIAP residency, Robert Nideffer plans to focus on a new work that he is tentatively calling Fairytales, Fables and Fantasies. He began the project using digital photography blended with CG environments, although he is now generating the imagery almost entirely using CG. Stories and illustrations from popular (and lesser-known) children’s folk tales and rhymes serve as his starting point. He then symbolically reworks them with reference to events from his personal life.

The main topics of Sebastian Mahaluf’s artistic research are geometry and its relationship to the body. In his performances, the physical space is transformed into an artwork. The body becomes unstable and autonomous, which blocks traditional ways of relating to the work as an object in a gallery. During his residency in HIAP, Mahaluf had also a durational performance at Oittaan Kartano, Espoo in the context of Aalto University’s ACSI 2012.

Seamus Nolan will discuss the activities and decision-making processes involved in some of his recent work, and in the research undertaken for this residency. He has worked on a number of public-art projects and gallery shows that make use of performativity and process. Nolan’s work springs from a desire to interrogate ideas of the local, knowledge, and social value systems.

Ferries from the Market Square leave at 16:20 and 16:40

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