22 Dec 2018


ACSIbition Event at Aalto University

International teams have been creating new models for societal renewal based on specific questions and challenges brought by stakeholders in three countries. Their ideas and answers, including promising directions for further action, will be presented at the ACSIbition event at the Design Factory in Otaniemi.

Aalto Camp for Societal Innovation (ACSI), an innovation program co-organized by Aalto University and the New Club of Paris, brings together professionals, students, artists, designers and professors from all over the world together to work on societal challenges. This year approximately 80 participants from 25 countries will spend eight days (August 7–14) participating. Resulting models, methods, perspectives and prototypes will be presented at the ACSIbition event on Tuesday, August 14. Topics discussed during the camp revolve around issues such as creating an inclusive society, developing new kinds of collaboration, bringing urban and regional environments to life, and possible financial models for the future. Various challenges have been brought to ACSI by Amsterdam, the Skåne Region, Espoo, Kotka and Finland Futures Research Centre.

ACSIbition-presentations and exhibition will be visualized by the parties with the support of Chilean artist-in-residence Sebastian Mahaluf. Mahaluf is the first artist of the residency program created by ACSI and Helsinki International Artist Program (HIAP).

The visitors will have an opportunity to explore new opportunities in the ICT sector, new models for regional co-operation and the next engines of the economy, as they interaction with participants.

ACSI is part of Aalto University’s Living+ programme to celebrate the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012.

Aalto Camp for Societal Innovation ACSI is part of the EER year programme. The EU Committee of the Regions has labelled Helsinki-Uusimaa as the European Entrepreneurial Region (EER) 2012. The EER status will be manifested in numerous events organized in Helsinki-Uusimaa Region during 2012, reinforcing the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012.