8 Nov 2022


HIAP Open Studios / Autumn 2022

Welcome to the Autumn edition of the HIAP Open Studios!

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The event offers the unique opportunity to meet up with the resident artists and curators, and get a glimpse of the work that they have been developing during their residency. The HIAP Open Studios event takes place in the second half of each residency season, in May, August, and November.

The supporting curators for the Autumn Season 2022 are Paul O’Neill and Eliisa Suvanto.

Participating residents
Takashi Arai (Japan / Germany), Anna Broms (Finland), Alina Khorolska (Ukraine), Anne Krönker (Germany), Francoise Lane (Australia), Mia Makela (Finland), MKUV Studio – Maria Kulikovska and Uleg Vinnichenko (Ukraine), Mourning School: Lucie Gottlieb & Rosa Paardenkooper (Sweden), Eeva-Liisa Puhakka (Finland), Aoi Yoshizawa (Finland / Japan).

Read more about the participating and current HIAP residents here.


FRI 18 NOV 17:00–21:00
SAT 19 NOV 14:00–18:00

  • The programme features a special event by Anne Krönker:
Beginner’s Class to Spatial Gymnastics
Fri 18.11. at 18:00–18:45
Sat 19.11. at 16:00–16:45
Meeting point: yard outside the HIAP Studios
Duration: approx. 45 min, Language: English
Max nr of participants: 25
no registration required
For more information scroll down to Anne Krönker’s short event description!
    Works-in-progress by Mia Makela, MKUV STUDIO – Maria Kulikovska & Uleg Vinnichenko, Eeva-Liisa Puhakka, Aoi Yoshizawa
    Works-in-progress by Alina Khorolska, Anne Krönker, Francoise Lane
    Works-in-progress by Takashi Arai, Anna Broms, Mourning School – Lucie Gottlieb & Rosa Paardenkooper


    ecocentricity, more-than-human, sustainability, bees, flowers, environment, 3D
Makela is currently working on a 3D animation installation BEEINGS, which is a continuation of her long-term investigation in the life of the honey bee. This time she turns her focus on the partners of pollinators. She presents imaginary flowers observed from the perspective of a tiny flying creature.
Makela creates a space for remembering that the world is a tabula rasa, which presents itself in a unique way to each species. There are millions of different worlds on the planet Earth.
BEEINGS has received financial support from TAIKE and was commissioned by Chappe – Art House by the Sea for its opening exhibition in March 2023.


    war, body, refugee, exile, identity, women, borders, life, death, otherness
Kulikovska is a multimedia artist, architect, actionist and researcher. In her works, she reflects on events of her own life related to forced migration, exile, war, and being a woman in a patriarchal society. Kulikovska works with the topics of femininity, queerness and corporeality in relation to power and borders. Through her experiments of queer, non-binary, performative, sculptural, architectural, and artistic projects, using innovative, organic, strange, non-sculptural, and “unusual” materials, Kulikovska invited Uleg Vinnichenko, an architect-engineer, her partner, and ally, for collaboration.
During the Open Studios event, Kulikovska showcases pieces from her current work process.


Bioplastic prototypes, texture experiments, details, function and purpose.
Edible bioplastic shirt.
Medical herbs. Colours from the plants. Minerals.
I have been fascinated by the many variations of bioplastic’s colours, textures, translucency levels and smells. As the light shines through the bioplastic elements revealing their colours and textures, the viewers can observe the renewable (art) objects that are recyclable and compostable.


    visual art, artistic research, weaving, loom, exploration, installation
I AM A WEAVER is a long term artistic-research project focusing on hand-weaving techniques. Yoshizawa showcases her understanding and technical experimentations on weaving – through complex yet simple loom building processes.



    video art, installation art, projection mapping, visual art
While in-residence, I have been developing my artistic practice in the field of media art. Using deconstruction and composition techniques, I explore object forms and re-define items with new meanings.
As a professional animator, my work is closely related to the video art medium. I am inspired by nature as well as by many other forms of expression including hand embroidery, watercolour drawings, and oil pastel abstractions. Combining digital and natural components in my work, I create compositions through which I explore new areas of artistic expression.
In this season’s Open Studios event I am presenting in my studio an audio-visual art installation consisting of a video work projected on a sculpture in papier-mâché technique.


    The ‘Beginner’s Class to Spatial Gymnastics’ introduces the practice of Spatial Gymnastics, including its Helsinki-specific gears of public space.
Beginner’s Class to Spatial Gymnastics
Fri 18.11. at 18:00–18:45
Sat 19.11. at 16:00–16:45
Meeting point: yard outside the HIAP Studios
Duration: approx. 45 min
Language: English
max nr of participants: 25
no registration required
The Centre of International Spatial Gymnastics for Glass proudly welcomes you to Spatial Gymnastics! This Beginner’s class is a tour, which introduces you to the basic tools and visual identities of Spatial Gymnastics. Spatial Gymnastics is practising (public) space. Why not activate (public) space by glass? What if glass activated (public) space? How to activate (public) space by glass? For a free trial, within approx. 45 min you will be provided with Helsinki-unique assets. All introduced gears can be applied independently any time afterwards. We walk and see! Spatial Gymnastics will be presented to you by verbal-visual experience. Your coach, Anne Krönker, presents in English with a German accent. No experience is necessary.


    Contemporary Indigenous art, cultural values, First Nations, First Nations art
Lane is interested in commonly shared Indigenous people’s cultural values globally. The artwork studies that were created while in-residence, inform the creation of new artwork presenting a contemporary visual narrative of a Torres Strait Islander ceremonial practice.



    interdisciplinary art, photography, daguerreotype, film, text, nuclear anthropology, Onkalo, final disposal site
During my stay at HIAP, I spent two weeks creating daguerreotypes (the earliest technique to make photographic images on silver plates), video, and audio at Onkalo, the final nuclear waste repository site at the Olkiluoto Nuclear Power station, and the forest preserve surrounding the facilities.
Onkalo will be sealed off with granite after all spaces are filled with waste canisters. No warning signs will be placed so as not to attract the attention of humans 100,000 years from now, and the natural forest will be restored above the surface.
How can we imagine and communicate with the world 100,000 years after?
Or, can we create daguerreotype portraits of us surviving 100,000 years from now?


    situations, intertwining, water, wind
Broms creates situations in her studio workshop. Her works of soft sculptures, paintings, and moving images occasionally break out and intertwine with their surroundings.
Broms is currently working for the joint February exhibition in Oksasenkatu 11.
All these distances
Put together
Sewing the body of water


    grief, voice, sound, lament, moan
Start slow, feel the softness of your breath. Experiment with the sound of a syllable, move into a word, lean into a sentence, do you feel the vibrations in your gut, hear the echoes of your voice?
leijuvat ∿ liehuvat ∿ liitelevät    //    whine ∿ wail ∿ whimper
is an open invitation to experiment with the voice as a generative instrument for healing and grieving. During the Open Studios we share part of our research into voice activation and grief through a work in progress that brings together a soundscape by artist Jonas Holmer, a lyric inspired by Ingrian runo-songs written by musician Emmi Kuittinen, and a moaning instruction by artist Raoni Muzho Saleh.


Free entrance. We are looking forward to welcoming you!
Note: Parts of the event will be photo-documented. The images will be used by HIAP for communication purposes.

How to get to Suomenlinna
Take the HSL ferry that leaves from the Market Square (Kauppatori). Ferry timetable here.

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