Francoise Lane

Francoise Lane’s creative practice straddles the intersection of art and design with a focus on indigenous themes and values. As a descendant of the Meriam and Kaurareg peoples of Zenadth Kes (Torres Strait Islands, Australia) Lane’s practice draws upon her family’s cultural values of respecting and caring for land and sea, taking only what you need and honouring elders. She produces fine art work, sculptural furniture, textile designs and collaboratively works with indigenous art centres and independent artists on creative projects.

She is instinctively drawn to subjects where patterns create their own ‘energy’ on a canvas.

I will undertake research and develop studies to create a new body of work around ‘Reframing the Ceremonial’ through a cross-cultural lens. I will visually explore my maternal Nene’s (Grandmother’s) Tombstone Opening ceremony and life legacy through a conceptual process reframed through the identification of common indigenous cultural values held as beloved by Sami and my indigenous culture. My aim is to initiate new approaches in the creation, understanding and valuing artworks in the genre of contemporary indigenous art.

My studies will contribute towards the creation of new artworks presenting a contemporary visual narrative of Torres Strait Islander ceremonial practices.

Francoise Lane’s residency is realised with support from The Australia Council for the Arts.