Alina Khorolska

Ukrainian artist and designer Alina Khorolska works in the field of media art. Using deconstruction and composition techniques, the artist explores object forms and re-defines items with new meanings. She uses the synthesis of digital and natural components to bring her collages into new undesignated areas.

As a professional animator, Khorolska’s work is closely related to the video art medium. She is inspired by many forms of expression including hand embroidery, watercolour drawings, and oil pastel abstractions.

I’m happy to come to such an amazing place as Suomenlinna Island to revise my impressions from the last two months. My aim is to create a series of abstract digital works which reflect personal experience during the war.

I’m going to use a mixed medium technique which combines paintings and video art.

Alina Khorolska’s residency is part of the Ukraine Solidarity Residencies program started in March by a group of independent art organisations who joined together to pool resources and share information. The current partners are AARK, Connecting Points programme, Fairres, Frame Contemporary Art Finland, Goethe-Institut Finnland, HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme, Pro Artibus, The Finnish Artists’ Studio Foundation, The Finnish Illustration Association and Saari Residence.