Anne Krönker

“You can also simultaneously record and playback the show you are recording”, says (08/08/2022 16:44:53 CET, according to a quote listed at and directed to gateway “410 Gone – nginx/1.14.2”) a consumer electronics manufacturer. CUT. The connection changes and we witness how what is and depicts (per)forms visibility-levels. 0, VIEWFINDER. We are in an image-staging by Anne Krönker.

Anne Krönker (*1984) is a visual artist, since 2020, based in Bremen at the Künstlerhaus Bremen. After studying Fine Arts in Münster and Ghent she has most recently been a master student of the sculptor Henk Visch at the Kunstakademie Münster. Currently, she is Artistic Associate for research and education at Building Art Invention within the School of Ar­chi­tec­ture, Ur­ban Plan­n­ing, Land­s­cape De­sign, Uni­ver­si­ty of Kas­sel. Anne Krönker directs images, which are stagings of time and space.

0. SCENOGRAPHY / INTRODUCTION TO THE PIECE What is the image recording of glass? Designed by Carl Theodor Höijer (only son and hoped-for business descendant of frame and mirror manufacturer Henrik Höijer), 4 caryatids (architecture, geometry, painting, sculpture) and Pallas Athene (goddess of wisdom, strategy, struggle, art) flank a matt window of the Ateneum. Glass panels chop the mirror images of the sky. CLIFFHANGER: The Oodi Library also stages images as tiles.

2. What if, constructing space with glass began in anticipation to stage images free from being rectangles and servants of architectural bodies? TRACKING SHOT: Since images always run with a moving body, is glass film/cinema? 1. SPATIAL GYMNASTICS: (A recast of) the Savoy-Vase (1936) by Aino and Alvar Aalto is a compass to navigate space choreographies of glass in original and contemporary Nordic Funkis. I am a director of a piece. The piece enacts space constructed by glass.

Anne Krönker’s residency is organised in cooperation between HIAP and Künstlerhaus Bremen.