Pauline Sauveur

Pauline Sauveur (b. 1971) France

French artist Pauline Sauveur is interested in the aesthetics and poetry of places, in spaces and volumes. She is architect by profession, but her experience as a photographer predates even that and permeates all her work. In spaces and places she searches for the play of light, the texture of a wall that attracts the hand, the details that create an atmosphere, the lines and openings that give perspectives. All these elements that can be found anywhere, that tell stories and give a structure to our imagination. Writing is a third medium of hers, which she has developed through several participative art projects in the countryside and small towns of Central and Southern France. Currently she has an on-going collaboration project with artist Laurence Bernard to transform a historic building listed for demolition into an artwork, following its journey right until its destruction and renaissance as a new annexe of the city council.

Pauline Sauveur’s residency at HIAP is organised in the frame of Arts de Signs – Signalling Art as SocialDesign program in collaboration with the Social Responsibility & Design project, and coordinated by the Insitut français de Finlande. Her residency project is to create an installation called to be continued in an in-use subway car, to which the material will be partly produced by the ordinary users and commuters of the metro of Helsinki.