Zsolt Tibor

Zsolt Tibor (b. 1973 in Hungary) lives and works in Budapest.

Tibor’s work is a continuous “documentary” work. Building a non-so narrative but kind of iconographic network kaleidoscope, detecting, working in the edge of the ironic-gag/do-it yourself creation, playing with the illusions and last but not least reflecting on general shallow, superficial perception and irrational map of nowadays. He is reacting and re/creating of spontaneous situations, searching and at the same time maybe being researchable. He examines different phenomena (visual and conceptual habits, layers; seeing/perception, or e.g. the mechanism of the “acquisition”; human behaviours, identity conflicts, habits, hierarchy etc.) in these through the interference or getting into situations of elements, as well as he seeks a possible analysis of these. As a result of the several constitutive layers, the semantic field can’t be described linearly, it’s more diffuse, trying to represent the model of the perception and interpretation of “reality”, to show and screen the change of the structure of perception and cognition of the “digital age” without having to use the most up-to-date technical devices.

At the HIAP residency he has a plan to focus on how human being could have the necessity to categorize as an effort of orientation. Actually he is interested in the topics/metaphores of knowledge based specialization versus general; simplicity vs complicated; hobby vs profession; overdoses of everything in general; hierarchy and juxtaposition etc.