22 Dec 2018


Open Studio by Zsolt Tibor: On the Layers of Hobbies

Welcome to the opening on Tuesday, November 29 at 5 pm at 00130Gallery.

Sunday is the title of Zsolt Tibor’s (b. 1973) exhibition at 00130Gallery, open from November 30 to December 11, 2011. In this show, the Budapest-based artist examines what he understands as ‘layers’ of the phenomenon of the ‘hobby’ and the notion of the amateur artist. The ‘hobby’ breeds small results and systems usually in local clubs and communities, which however can also turn into public movements, projects or addictions. Generally speaking, Zsolt Tibor works with different phenomena such as visual and conceptual habits, layers, seeing/perception and the mechanism of ‘acquisition’ through the interference or getting-into-situations of elements.

Possible analyses of these will be shown in sunday in which, for example, a collector or museologist’s showcase will be on display. Such tools of recognition involve homogenising and the same time narrative experiments. Tibor considers his work more referential than metaphoric. His method of selection ask questions which relate to diversity, hierarchy and the strong wish to qualify, sort and track samples.

During his Open Studio on HIAP Suomenlinna on November 24, visitors can gain insight into the working methods behind several of the works in the exhibition. A particular kind of studio-based practice is crucial to Tibor’s work. In this context he continuously ‘documents’ phenomena, creating layer upon layer of a work using a plethora of techniques and materials.

Zsolt Tibor’s residency is realized in the frame of the Paths Crossing production and research residency project funded by the Culture Programme of the European Union. The projects he is developing at HIAP will be continued in 2012, with upcoming exhibitions in Sevilla and in Budapest.