18 Dec 2018


Peer-to-Peer with Irena Borić, Vladan Jeremić, Dan Moynihan and Zsolt Tibor

The next Peer-to-Peer Review will take place on HIAP Suomenlinna on Tuesday, September 20 at 5 pm in Studio Emanuel. Please join the Review and give your reflections, feedback, ideas and criticism alongside the invited commentators, which are the artist Kalle Hamm and the curator and editor-in-chief of www.kunstritikk.no Jonas Ekeberg from Oslo. In the event will present their works Paths Crossing artists-in-residency Vladan Jeremić and Zsolt Tibor as well as HIAP curator-in-residency Irena Borić and artist-in-residency Dan Moynihan.

The artist, curator and cultural worker Vladan Jeremić (b. 1975) from Serbia will talk about his Under the Bridge – Helsinki project. The first collective publication in this project, The Pull Factor, is constituted of “art reports” that emerged following encounters and dialogue with Roma migrant workers, activists, representatives of the City Hall of Helsinki and several institutions concerned with Roma affairs in Finland. Following on from this, Jeremić is currently organising a public seminar at the Ateneum Museum about Roma and other migrants in Finland and Europe. This discussion will deal with the overall situation of the Roma-Gypsy people reflected through the question of possible social housing projects to resolve their dire need. The seminar will take place in Ateneum on September 27 and 28, 2011.

Irena Borić (b. 1982) is a curator from Croatia whose research is ongoing. Her work has included, for example, a critical insight into Finnish cases of art censorship. Her residency is organised by HIAP in collaboration with FRAME.

Artist Zsolt Tibor (b. 1973) from Budapest will talk about his research-in-development for a new piece. In this piece he intends to use, among other things, old travel guides from Finland from the 50s and 60s.

Artist Dan Moynihan (b. 1974) from Melbourne, Australia will present his recent exhibitions and studio practice. During his residency at HIAP, he has been preparing a new exhibition at Oksasenkatu 11. The exhibition will open on Friday, September 23.

The HIAP Peer-to-Peer Review creates a forum in which artists and curators-in-residence present their ongoing projects to a peer-group audience in an intimate studio context. These Reviews are chaired, and usually at least two commentators are invited to enhance the discussion. All HIAP residents and others interested in in-depth discussion are encouraged to attend.

Vladan Jeremić’s and Zsolt Tibor’s residencies are realised in the frame of the Paths Crossing production funded by the Culture Programme of the European Union.