Angela Su

Angela Su’s works investigate the perception and imagery of the body, through metamorphosis, hybridity and transformation. Her pseudo-scientific drawings often combine the precision of scientific sketches with a mythical aesthetics, challenging the audience’s visual sensation of the pleasure of pain. Her research-based projects include drawing, video, performative and installation works that focus on the interrelations between our state of being and scientific technology.

Her most recent works are featured in the exhibition “So long, thanks again for the fish”, a group show of five Hong Kong artists held in Suomenlinna (Helsinki) and a part of the Helsinki Biennale Inspired Programme.

For this residency, I will focus on researching about the manipulation of truth with technology and how one survives in a constantly shifting reality. The pandemic reveals that competing discourses propagated by social media have left us stranded in our own parallel universes. This research project is about how we can make sense of this destabilised reality, and how individual agency is still hopeful for bringing about changes in a time when most social movements are in a temporary setback.

Angela Su is one of the artists of the “So long, thanks again for the fish” exhibition in Levyhalli, Suomenlinna. More information: