19 Dec 2018


Peer-to-Peer Review at Studio Johan Tobias

12 February, 3-5 pm, Studio Johan Tobias, HIAP

While on residency at HIAP, Model Court researches for their new video commission. The work will recompose archive material as well as interviews conducted on the subject of the recently completed trial of Francois Bazaramba, a Rwandan national convicted of genocide by a tiny Finnish district court in the town of Porvoo. This film attempts to understand the trials complicated relationship to aid, colonialism, and the production of history through examining the complex and often dysfunctional audiovisual configurations used to bridge the jurisdictional divide.

Model Court will also present some of their previous projects in the Peer-to-Peer event. Model Court is an ongoing body of work produced by Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Lorenzo Pezzani and Oliver Rees, which deals with the spatial, aesthetic and geopolitical aspects of legal procedure.

Mariona Moncunill (b. 1984) lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. The starting point of her work is the analysis of the creation of symbolic value and its management, the construction of discourse and the conventions that weave the complex net in which the visual arts and culture develop.

At the Peer-to-Peer Review Moncunill will talk about the project that she is currently developing in relation to the Botanic Garden and Herbarium of the Finnish Museum of Natural History in Helsinki, linking it also to some of her recent works.

Australian visual artist Eric Rossi (b. 1971) is in Finland on a three-month artist residency awarded by the Australian Council for the Arts and hosted by HIAP.
Rossi’s methodology is to travel, and his artwork results from the operation in the mode of an artist-tourist. His latest works explore the cultural hybridity within globalised world. Rossi’s investigation of his Finnish-Australian identity through art is an attempt to understand his positioning between Asia-Pacific and Europe.

Before the Peer-to-Peer event you can attend Rossi’s Open Studio (Studio Augustin), from 3pm until 5pm, and see his work in progress. Studio Augustin is located at the same building as Studio Johan Tobias.

Ferries to Suomenlinna leave from Market Square for example at 3.20pm, 4pm and 4.40pm.