Eric Rossi

Eric Rossi (b. 1971, Australia) is an Australian contemporary visual artist who works in painting, video, performance and installation. Eric Rossi was born in Australia to Finnish parents. He currently also resides in Australia and will complete a PhD in Fine Art in 2013. His visual research and art practice explore issues relating to cultural identity within this globalised and hybridised world. There is particular focus on issues related to the field of tourism. Issues relating to Rossi’s Finnish-Australian identity and positioning within the Asia-Pacific and in Finland are also explored. Rossi’s work is predominately made as a response to travel and tourist experiences, this is in the tradition of the artist-tourist.

Rossi is currently undertaking the Australia Council for the Arts residency in the Helsinki studio at HIAP Suomenlinna, where he will complete a body of work that will consist of painting, performance, photography, video and installation. The residency serves as a laboratory and provides an excellent opportunity for the work to explore issues of cultural identity, diaspora and tourism, related to Finland.