Mariona Moncunill

Mariona Moncunill (b. 1984, Tarragona) lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. The starting point of her work is the analysis of the creation of symbolic value and its management, the construction of discourse and the conventions that weave the complex net in which the visual arts and culture develop. This analysis allows her to extrapolate the construction of meaning and value creation to other areas of discourse: from the exhibition space and the relationship with the viewer to journalistic infographics, sociological statistics or the management of knowledge of a library.

Her projects are mostly interventions that highlight characteristics of the context in which they are inserted in order to discuss, analyze and propose a critical look at them. Her working process place special emphasis on three phases: the theoretical research, the field work and the management and activation of human, material and symbolic resources. The game between reality and fiction, mimicry, infiltration, speculation, ambiguity and site specificity are some of the distinctive features of her work which is often formalized in an aniconic and camouflaged manner.