3 Dec 2018


HIAP Open Studios / Spring 2016

Wednesday, 23 March, 17–20.

HIAP OPEN STUDIOS is a regular event of the HIAP Residency Programme that invites the public to come explore and interact with our residency artists in the intimate setting of their studios. It is an opportunity to see the most recent works by artists at the site of their origin and to gain meaningful insight into their process of creation.

In March, HIAP Open Studios features artists Rebecca BaumannCarl GiffneyNata KipianiAntti Nyyssölä and Liina Siib. The event is moderated by artist Minna Henriksson. This event is also an opportunity to meet HIAP residents, novelist Rana Dasgupta and musician Jowan Safadi.



17.15 Antti Nyyssölä

17:40 Carl Giffney (part I)

17.50 Rebecca Baumann

18:15 Carl Giffney (part II)

18:25 Nata Kipiani

18:50 Carl Giffney (part III)

HIAP Project Space:

19:00 Liina Siib

The programme will be followed by a DJ set by Carl Giffney and others. Welcome!


Rebecca Baumann

Australian artist Rebecca Baumann will discuss some of her recent work, and new works in development, which have interrogated ideas around colour, light and time as activation devices in her practice. As part of her research, Baumann has recently traveled to the Finnish Laplands to experience the natural phenomena of Aurora Borealis.


Carl Giffney

Frontiers-in-Retreat artist Carl Giffney will be demonstrating how his art practice takes place outside of the studio. He often carries out research in public, using subtle, and not so subtle, performance tactics. Giffney’s work will take place in between other studio visits and he will be available to present previous works and answer questions on current work throughout the event. 


Nata Kipiani 

Georgian artist Nata Kipiani will present her ongoing research concerning her Finnish roots and will also talk about the publication workshop that she is currently working on at Art School Maa. Over the past years, Kipiani has worked with different media, such as installation, sculpture and performance.


Antti Nyyssölä

Finnish artist Antti Nyyssölä has been making an installation on his studio wall out of the archive of material that his often minimalistic and clean work derives from. With displaying this collection of materials he is opening the processes of his working to the audience. Nyysölä will also present some new large scale artists´ books, which are some kind of haptic collage maps composed out of the everyday trash mentioned earlier. 


Liina Siib 

“A Cleaner, A Trainer, A Nurse, A Teacher, A Beautician”

Estonian artist Liina Siib will introduce shortly her current visual research in Helsinki that concentrates on the phenomenon of Estonian women migrant workers in Finland. During the event at HIAP’s Project Space, dancers from the Dancest Studio will perform a little improvisation on the theme of women’s work and pink-collar jobs. After the performance, a short interview by the artist with the performers will briefly open up some agendas of the project as what is the meaning of work and the purpose of life for a migrant worker?