Nata Kipiani

Nata Kipiani (b. 1986) is an artist based in Tbilisi, Georgia. After studying at the Caucasian Institute of Photography and New Media (the first generation of artists who got the professional education in the field of photography), she graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Art (BA in Photography) and gained an Informal MA in Inclusive Mediation at the Center of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi. In 2014, together with ten Georgian female artists, Nata founded (New Collective) – a non-profit organization, with the main target of improving and analysing social situation through art.

Kipiani’s photographs often come from both, memory and imagination. The photos are mostly staged like a movie scenes, in which she is trying to create half told stories with open narratives. She carefully chooses certain spaces and objects, which lie within the image. In her work she tries to expose something, either from within the space or from the person or character represented. Over the past years, she has also started to work in different media, such as installation, sculpture and performance