Liina Siib

Liina Siib is a visual artist who lives in Tallinn, Estonia. She holds an M.A. in photography from the Estonian Academy of Arts. Several of her art works have a starting point in the experience of living in a both socialistic and capitalistic system, and in the antagonism that appears in shifting between two systems and contesting ideologies. The topic of her photos, videos, installations and performances ranges from femininity and social space to different manifestations of people’s everyday practices and daily routines.

Liina Siib has had solo exhibitions in Estonia, Germany, Belgium, France, Sweden, Finland and Latvia, most recently at the ifa Galleries in Berlin and Stuttgart. Her works have been presented at a number of exhibitions and festivals in Europe, Asia and the USA. In 2011, Siib represented Estonia at the 54th Venice Art Biennale with her project A Woman Takes Little Space. She has curated art and culture projects in Estonia, the UK and Belgium. In 2002–2015, Siib was the editor of the Estonian Art magazine. Since 2015, she works as the Professor of Graphic Art at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

At the HIAP residency in February and March 2016, Liina Siib will start the visual research on Estonian women as labour migrants in Finland. The massive phenomenon of ca 50 000 Estonians living in Finland has been rather vaguely represented and underexposed in terms of cultural significance and meaning. The research will concentrate on the economics, identity and gender issues.