Ulises Urra

Ulises Urra

Artist’s Statement

My work deals with the storage, mix, combination and reorganisation of archives. By means of these deconstruction and reconstruction processes I seek to re-create my/our memories, combining photographic printings, drawings, objects and film projections, often displayed in little or large scale installations.

I used to utilise collage as a metaphorical representation of our present day world that I perceive as a controversial space, hodgepodge of juxtaposed harmonies and conflicts. Whereas the storage, circulation, distribution and exchange of sound and visual information play an important as well as positive role in the time of the Internet, the more and more fragile borderline between the virtual and the real seems to be a sentence cut and pasted from the script of a pessimistic (ongoing) theatre peace entitled The Society of the Spectacle for which we are, simultaneously, actors and audience.

Fragmentation and unity in their relationship to memory, distribution of information, history, art and travel are the main subjects to be understood through my practice.

In my current artistic project, I am making an assembly of my everyday experiences, aiming to have them take the form of a time-based sound/musical sculpture. With the assistance of a sound engineer and a musician, I will transform into time based language the events that have had a physical and spatial impact for me during my stay in Finland.

The artist has been invited by the Residency Fellow Programme at the Academy of Fine Arts funded by the Saastamoinen Foundation. Residency is implemented in co-operation with HIAP.