4 Dec 2018


In Center: On Tonic

10-15 April, Gallery Augusta

“The memory, the place, the present, the island, the sea, the idea, the landscape, the journey, the enclosure, the perspective, the dream, the circulation, the object, the fragment, can form multiple varying sequences. The fact of passing through a machine turns these elements into timeless fragments bound in a unified space.”

Opening on Friday, April 10 at 5 pm. Welcome!

Exhibition Laboratory Resident Fellow artist Ulises Urra’s project as artist in residence will involve translating the events that have had a physical and spatial impact on him during his stay in Finland into time based language. With the assistance of the artist and sound engineer Gregoire Rousseau, Urra is making an assembly of his every day experiences, aiming to have them take the form of a time-based sound and musical sculpture.

About the artist

Ulises Urra (b.1975) is an artist and a teacher who lives between Havana and Brussels. Currently, he is working on a PhD about collage and its impact on contemporary society at the Vrije Universiteit van Brussel. His artwork explores the relationship between art, poetry and political expression, combining different media to create installations (some large-scale). Some of his works are part of public and private collections in Belgium, France, The U.S., Switzerland and England.

Ulises Urra’s residency in Helsinki is organised in collaboration between HIAP and the Academy of Fine Arts. The Resident Fellows programme brings together scholars, curators and artists working in the domain of contemporary art: to collaborate, think, learn and create at the Exhibition Laboratory of the Academy of Fine Arts at the University of the Arts Helsinki. The programme includes two to four residency periods arranged annually, each lasting from two to four months.

The Residency will enable international artists and writers to work within the Academy, inspire experimentation and new creativity, and to support experimentation among students and teachers. The overall programme theme in 2015 is dedicated to transculturality and its impact on art, art practice and identity.

The Resident Fellows programme is directed by Irmeli Kokko, Lecturer of General Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and is supported by Saastamoinen Foundation.