Shayma Nader

Shayma Nader is an artist and researcher based in Palestine. She holds a BA in Contemporary Visual Art from the International Academy of Art – Palestine an MA in Global Creative and Cultural Industries from SOAS, University of London. Her research the transmission of collective experience through narration, understood as a practice of collective memory and struggle through which meaning is created and negotiated by an active repetition and rewriting of histories and actions. Shayma Nader currently lectures in visual arts at Birzeit University and is a member of QANAT collective.

During my stay at HIAP I plan to develop a long-term project tracing magical and mystical creatures in Palestinian wilderness as an entry point to discuss dispossessions, the vanishing commons and the fantastical in Palestinian memory and imaginaries. The project asks when and how was the fantastical oppressed in cultural memory, and speculates how years of colonial and neoliberal assault disenchanted our wilderness, waters and memories. As it develops, this project will seek and nurture collaborations with musicians, farmers, artists and writers for its final output.

Shayma Nader’s residency is realised in the context of ‘Everyday Forms of Resistance’, a polymorphic collaboration between Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, Ramallah Municipality, AIR Antwerpen and HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme.