Rickard Borgström

Rickard Borgström (b. 1974)

Rickard Borgström lives and works between Berlin, Malmö and Stamsund. He is a curator educated in Bergen Art Academy and has also studied at the Swedish University College for Film and Theatre and at Stockholm University.

Borgström works in the intersection between dance, theatre and visual arts. Currently he is curating the theatre festival STAMSUND (NO) as well as the programing venue INKONST in Malmö (SE), and he runs the workshop series EXPANDING MATTER and I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE CONDITIONS THAT PRODUCED A SITUATION THAT DEMANDED A SONG LIKE THAT around choreographical work.

Borgström has curated and produced conferences Changing Art Distribution Channels (2005), exhibitions PERFORM-What is performance? (2006), festivals Lofoten International Art Festival (2008) BASTARD- International Theatre Festival (2010), publications Volks (2005-), workshops Art trough ecology/Ecology trough art? (2007), workshop platforms and events PERFORM & THE END OF THE KNOWERS (2010) and more. In the past he has presented Pieter Ampe, Tarek Atoui, Heine Avdal/Deep Blue, Brynjar Bandlien, Neil Fraser/Mad Professor, Krõõt Juurak, Eva Meyer-Keller,Manuel Pelmus, Hans Rosenström, Robert Steijn, Und Er Libet, Jun Yang among others..

In 2012 in Helsinki Borgstörm is presenting an exhibition 2.11 10.11 24.11 26.11 – An exhibition in four acts including Anders Smebye, artist; Wojciech Kosma, Artist; Robert Steijn, Choreographer and Franco Berardi, Author. The exhibition is on view at Sinne on November 2, 10, 24 & 26