19 Dec 2018


Peer-to-Peer Review at Sinne

November 25, 5-7pm, SINNE

Three curators-in-residence discuss their current projects and share experiences of curatorial practice outside of institutional contexts.

Curator Rickard Borgström lives and works in Berlin, Malmö and Stamsund. In recent years he has mainly worked in Norway. He has been working as a curator at Teaterhuset Avant Garden, Bastard-International Performance Art Festival, Lofoten International Art Festival. For the Art Council Norway he curated the congress WE TRY TO PLAN IT SO PERFECTLY. Since autumn 2011 he has been working at the performing art section at INKONST where, in 2012, he is responsible of theatre. Borgström also works for Stamsund International Theatre Festival. At the moment Borgström is interested in how to produce intimacy within the performance situation. He is doing a physical choreographical research on how immaterial economies impact our bodies. Furthermore he explores the melancholic condition and its symptoms in the sphere of art institutions.

Tess Edmonson (b. 1987) is a Canadian writer, editor, and curator based in Montreal. She is a founding editor of Palimpsest Magazine, a Montreal-based arts initiative dedicated to exhibition-making and publishing projects in print and online. She is a regular contributor to Canadian Art Magazine. In the Peer-to-Peer event Edmonson will talk about Palimpsest’s project-in-progress What Do We Do Now Now We Wait. WDWDNNWW is a series of six books conceived to distribute text and images around the intersection of narrative tropes, collective action, and artistic autonomy. The work was originally exhibited at Friends of Freiheit in North Adams, Massachusetts, adapted for the Vancouver Art Book Fair, and is in development for future exhibition in 2013.

Rael Artel (b. 1980) is an independent contemporary art curator based in the forests of Estonia. Since 2000 she has curated shows in Estonia as well as Warsaw, Lisbon, Amsterdam and New York. From 2004 to 2008 she ran her experimental project space Rael Artel Gallery: Non-Profit Project Space, and in 2007 she initiated Public Preparation, a platform for knowledge-production and network-based communication, which has focused on issues of nationalism and contemporary art in Europe in the format of international meetings. She is also the artistic director of the festival of contemporary art ART IST KUKU NU UT in Tartu. In the Peer-to-Peer event Artel will talk about life in the forest, her recent project Your Periphery Is My Centre, and related issues.