Piotr Zamojski

Time, space and language are Piotr Zamojski’s (b. 1963 in Olsztyn, Poland) main subjects. Preexisting situations: interiors, public space, landscapes and lately also objects of daily use are his materials. He investigates the relation between the appearance, image, description and the “reality” itself. Zamojski analyses different aspects of a given space: its former and present functions, proportions, relations to a geographic and socio-cultural context. A second step is an interpretation of a site with means of a wall-painting, sculpture and typography. Often his works take the form of a “negative space”. This results from removing parts of given materials in specific environments. Some of his works are process-based, being transformed thorough the duration of the presentation. In his practice Zamojski follows traces of Genius Loci and paths of personal and common fates: yearnings, fears, coincidences and errors.