14 Dec 2018


Piotr Zamojski: Melkein… (Almost…)

Melkein… (Almost…) is the first part of Polish artist Piotr Zamojski´s (b. 1963, Olsztyn) new series of works entitled Fragments, in which he uses parts of proverbs or phrases of each country’s local language taken out of their original semantic context. His lapidary work is located on the small island of Inre Hatten next to Lauttasaari. The artist has formed the word melkein by removing algae from a granite stone by the seashore. The work conducts a dialogue with existing anonymous inscriptions carved on the rocks of Inre Hatten and becomes part of its landscape. It was created during the artist´s residency at HIAP Cable Factory in Helsinki.

Time, space and language are Piotr Zamojski’s main subjects. Preexisting situations: interiors, public space, landscapes and lately also objects of daily use are his materials. Often his works take the form of a “negative space”. This results from removing parts of given materials in specific environments. Some of his works are process-based, being transformed throughout the duration of the presentation. In his practice Zamojski follows traces of Genius Loci and paths of personal and common fates: yearnings, fears, coincidences and errors.

Piotr Zamojski has studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, sculpture and typography at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf.

The artist will talk on his work on Tuesday, August 17.

Meeting place: Cable Factory (we will reach the site by walking partly also in the water. Flip-flops could be useful!)

Meeting time: 16:30