Mats Adelman

Mats Adelman (b. 1974, Bromma, Stockholm) currently lives and works in Malmö, where he received his Masters degree in 2000 from the Malmö Art Academy.

In his artistic practice Adelman works with different techniques such as drawing, painting, sculpture and video. Thematically, Adelman moves in a mythologised landscape of disused factories, deforested areas, haunted houses, graffiti and ornamentation. Action is often obscure and not driven by narrative. Rather, it is the atmosphere and the poetic logic of the images that create the context. Without explicit references, the symbolic language of the stories touches on a world of fantasy, romanticising nature and subculture. By using symbols and elements that are only “almost recognizable”, his works become images of a type of shadow world, a parallel existence, in which the unfamiliar is the familiar.