13 Dec 2018


Where the Wasteland Ends

Current artist-in-residence at HIAP, Mats Adelman (b. 1974, Bromma, Stockholm), shows three short films shot on super-8 film. Suspended Animation documents the backwoods of a rural and industrial landscape, focusing on the setting both as a geographically set place as well as a state of mind. The film starts with a scene showing a man jumping off the edge of a quarry followed by short sequences from different scenes and landscapes; a flock of mechanical birds, slow takes over condemned shacks and a “zombie” walking through a meadow. The settings are reminiscent of horror films but are stripped of their gore. Another film titled A screw in a mechanism that twisted without twisting any other part of the machinery combines a fragment from a text by the German etnologist Hans Peter Duerr with sequences that can be described as documented experiments or phenomenon “accidently” caught on film. Sketches and paintings are shown as part of the development process of a new film Adelman is working on during his residency.