Matilda Tjäder

Matilda Tjäder (b. 1989) mainly works with text as material directed and sculpted into varying forms and mediums – observing the interval between the imagined and the real as her source material. With a background in Aesthetics, her research is often concerned with the sensorial, currently via human and inhuman perceptions and aleatory practices.

Being the co-curator for the non-profit gallery Minibar Stockholm, the co-founder of the performative project Human Interference Task Force, and of the gameified platform Waves of Direction, she often works in collaborative and conversational bodies. Besides having presented her work at multiple international spaces such as Forde, Or Gallery, Import Projects, and Kaleidoscope, she has published articles in academic journals, and has worked with research for a number of performances and exhibitions.

During her residency at HIAP she will be working with Anna Mikkola on their performative project ‘Human Interference Task Force’ which combines philosophical tools and aesthetic exploration, such as movement research, sound, video and text. HITF emerges in episodes as a continuously evolving research. The residency will culminate in a performative exhibition.