3 Dec 2018


Insulation ( Mounting Layers)

Opening dates:
Friday November 27, 5–7 PM
Saturday November 28, 12–5 PM

They drafted outlines around minerals, membranes enclosing particles. Both of them depictions of fragile textures. — A vibration unknown, emanating from the molten core. Sealed resonance while the matter is expanding and contracting. Now visualise how the material will be isolated from human touch. What waltzes through the wind settles in the doldrums. Remnants of fission are said to span a million years. Waste from the past, fossils for the future. A shield is held against moving agitation: tectonic plates negotiating. Below sea level the rising level of oxygen makes air thicker than usual.

‘Insulation (Mounting Layers)’ is the third episode by ‘Human Interference Task Force’. The performative exhibition continues HITF’s ongoing creation of methods to approach what appears as alien to human perception. The exhibition engages with radiating fossils assigned for insulation, and posits gestures that stretch far ahead in time. HITF inserts a zoom that cuts and observes sideways, interfering into multiple layers of material boundaries. The project departs from research on nuclear semiotics carried out in the early 1980s. Acting against this foundation it seeks ways on how to decode semiotics – projecting from the present into future scenarios.

About the project:

‘Human Interference Task Force’ (HITF) is a performative project between Anna Mikkola and Matilda Tjäder. The project emerges in episodes as continuously evolving research on the resonance between humans and earthly materials. HITF combines movement research, sound, video, sculpture, and text. Established in 2014 HITF exhibited their first episode ‘Community of Cells’ as part of ‘biotic/abiotic’ at the Gallery Apart in Rome (2014) and at PAF (Performing Arts Forum) in France (2015). The second episode ‘The Alien Gesture of the Hum’ was shown as part of ‘Tower Show: EGG’ in Malmö (2015). The performative exhibition ‘Insulation (Mounting Layers)’ is a culmination of a month-long residency at HIAP in Helsinki.