Martina Eddone

Martina Eddone is a visual and information designer. In her artistic research, she experiments with visual communication as a tool to facilitate social cohesion and collective reflection on living together.

She interprets information design as a method to disseminate and give access to knowledge, with the final aim to make the audience question the way they perceive the world around them and themselves in relation to it. The latest steps of her research focused on how to turn the making of an ecosystem representation into a participatory process that activates unconventional interactions among people and between people and places.

Together with Margherita Via, researcher and educator based in Brussels and fellow resident at HIAP, we will design a modular activity to produce a collective representation of a space (e.g. a school, a neighbourhood where the school is located). Through the activity, based on my ongoing project Full Voids, we want to increase the visual literacy of participants and encourage co-creation and engagement in peer discussions using sociocracy tools and promoting self-governance.

The resulting visual outcome will give unconventional information about the space and its inhabitants, and activate a more creative and inclusive way of interaction.

Martina Eddone’s residency is realised in context of Empowering Tools, a residency collaboration between RIBOCA (Rīga International Biennial of Contemporary Art), HIAP (Helsinki International Artist Programme) and NAC (Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts).