Margherita Via

After roving Europe and Latin America, Margherita Via found herself rooted in Brussels where she has been working as an educator. She is part of a diverse range of community projects which aim at connecting residents with their surrounding environments.

Drawing from the lack of resources given to children and teenagers in collective decision-making processes, she started engaging in an eye-to-eye dialogue, seeking to understand their perception of the very spaces they inhabit and ultimately to create tools that foster a sense of community.


Together with Martina Eddone, information and visual designer and fellow resident at HIAP, we will design a modular activity to produce a collective representation of a space (e.g. a school, a neighbourhood where the school is located). Through the activity, based on Eddone’s ongoing project Full Voids, we want to increase the visual literacy of participants and encourage co-creation and engagement in peer discussions using sociocracy tools and promoting self-governance.

The resulting visual outcome will give unconventional information about the space and its inhabitants, and activate a more creative and inclusive way of interaction.

Margherita Via’s residency is realised in context of Empowering Tools, a residency collaboration between RIBOCA (Rīga International Biennial of Contemporary Art), HIAP (Helsinki International Artist Programme) and NAC (Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts).