Manray Hsu

Manray Hsu is an independent curator and art critic based in Taipei and Berlin. He served as a jury member for the 49th Venice Biennale and a jury member of the Unesco Prize for the 7th Istanbul Biennial in 2001. Manray Hsu, together with Gerardo Mosquera, is consultant/curator of 2006 Liverpool Biennial.

Previously he has held a curator-in-residence post in Hong Kong Arts Center (2002), DAAD Residency in Berlin (2003/07) and at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco (2003). He has also co-organized 2004 Taipei Biennial “Do You Believe in Reality?”, International Conference at Taipei Fine Arts Museum and “Refresh! The First International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology” (2005, The Banff Centre, Calgary, Canada). His recent exhibitions include “2000 Taipei Biennial: The Sky Is the Limit” (co-curated with Jerome Sans, Taipei Fine Arts Museum), “Orange Marble” (2001, Huashan Arts District, Taipei), “The Good Place” (2001, co-curated with Hongjohn Lin, Taichung City, Taiwan), “Urgent Painting” (2002, Musee d´art moderne de la Ville de Paris), “How Big Is the World?” (2002, O.K Center for Contemporary Art, Linz, Austria; 2003 Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts), “Landing” (2003, Southern Exposure, San Francisco), “Bon Appetit!” (2003, Play Space, California College of the Arts, co-curated with curatorial graduate students), “Jun Yang: Solo Exhibition” (2004 Buero Friedrich), “Wayward Economy” (2005, Main Trend Gallery Taipei, co-curated with Maren Richter); “Micronation Traveling Agency: by Ykon” (2006, Sparwasser HQ Berlin, co-curated with Maren Richter, funded by FRAME), “Wrong(ed) Attitudes: Tsui Kuangyu and Su Huiyu” (2006, Sparwasser HQ and Cultural Center of Taiwan in Paris, co-curated with Maren Richter), “Naked Life” (2006, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, co-curated with Maren Richter). Recent paper presentations include: “Arts and Artists in Taiwan” (2003, San Francisco State University Department of Art); “Curating Now” (2003, Los Angeles Arts Exhibition); “Curating Now: Beyond the White-Cube” (2003, Intersection, San Francisco); “New Media Art and New Economy” (2004, “Media on the Move” International Conference, Shi-shin University, Taipei); “Network Cosmopolitanism,” (2004, Res Artis International Conference, Sydney & Melbourne); “The Possible Post-Biological Art” (2005 ARCO Forum, Madrid); “Asian Forum” (2005, Gwangju Biennale 2006). Manray participates in the touring exhibition “Curating Degree Zero Archive” (2005, Sparwasser HQ, Berlin).

During his curatorial residency Manray Hsu will conduct research on Finnish art and have meetings with local artists. Manray Hsu has been invited to Helsinki by FRAME – Finnish Fund for Art Exchange and HIAP.