7 Dec 2018


Open Studios November 2006


Project Room 6 p.m. A dialogue between curators Manray Hsu and Veronica Wiman (Frame) “How to be local?” 7 p.m. Ana Rewakowicz: presentation of projects Exhibition by Timo Kelaranta (FIN)

Studio 1 Marcia Vaitsman: presentation of Fusion magazine, the upcoming workshop and other projects

Studio 2 Klaus W. Eisenlohr: presentation of recent work Traditional German pancakes

Studio 3 Kelly Davis: freestyle discussions and storytelling

Lounge Screening of video works: – “Center of Urban Periphery”, excerpt of the film by Klaus W. Eisenlohr (7 min) – “The Elephant Cage” by Marcia Vaitsman (13 min) – “Sweet or Salty (Madonna´s poor days)” by Ana Rewakowicz, (3 min)