Lucila Mayol

Lucila Mayol (b. 1986 in Paraná, AR), lives in Helsinki (FI) and works between Helsinki and Bergen (NO). Lucila graduated from the Masters in Arts at KMD/UiB in 2018, and from Bachelors in Fine Arts at UNA and Direction of Photography at ENERC, in 2012 and 2014 in Buenos Aires.

Her work has been part of solo and group exhibitions in Norway, Finland, Germany, Russia, and Argentina. She has taken part in the residencies: Serlachius, Filmverkstaden, Bergen Center for Electronic Arts, Vorkwerk-Stift, amongst others.

At the moment, Lucila explores the relation between memory and spaces through archival material, drawing, writing, printing, and programming Interactive Fiction.

Am I the caretaker for their memory?
I will embark on a fictional-historical investigation of the context in which my grandmothers lived and the memory that their personal objects carry. During the process I plan to get enriched with the thought experiments: through relevant reading material, discussions, writing, and arranging part of the material in my collections in the gallery or project room.
I would like to conduct the research from forgetting to remembering, digging the concept of ‘remembrance’ out of the ruins as the fictional creation that remains uncertain or impossible to prove true.