Laura Hyppönen

Laura Hyppönen is a filmmaker working predominantly in narrative fiction, with occasional forays into experimental film, music videos and fashion films. Her films explore a broad range of subjects and genres, while her visual language draws from the history of cinema.

Hyppönen has an MA in Screenwriting from Tampere University of Applied Arts and an MSc in Management specializing in Film Business from London’s Film Business Academy. She is a Nipkow Fellow (Berlin), and an alumna of Berlinale Talents and Scuola Holden’s Film Garage in Turin. She lives and works between Amsterdam, Berlin and Helsinki.

I am writing the screenplay and developing the visual plans for Lex Julia, an arthouse feature film set in the Nordic archipelago, about an accidental reunion between a rape survivor and her rapist. Pandemic allowing I will shoot tests with my cinematographer, scout for filming locations, explore the special atmosphere of the Baltic White Nights, and workshop the script with actors.