Jonathan Hobin

Jonathan Hobin (b. 1979) is an award winning and internationally noted photo-based artist and art director from Canada. His work draws from iconic literary, cinematic and historical references and popular culture to explore the darker aspects of childhood, imagination and storytelling. Considered a controversial figure and “one of Canada’s most polarizing visual artists” (Jian Ghomeshi, CBC’s Q), Hobin’s work has been exhibited internationally and featured in major media including CNN, BBC, CBC as well as art publications including Art Das Kunstmagazin (Germany), Beaux Arts (France) and the Photographers Companion (China). Hobin was also the Canadian production designer for the first Slovenian/Canadian film coproduction, The Maiden Danced to Death (2010), collaboration with Academy Award-winning cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond.

During his residency at HIAP, Hobin will focus his attention on completing his upcoming photographic and video installation Cry Babies as well as exhibit selections from his award-winning series In the Playroom at the Finnish Museum of Photography as part of the 2014 Lens Politica festival.