11 Dec 2018


HIAP Open Studio: Kaisu Koivisto and Jonathan Hobin

Tuesday, 25 November, 3:30–6 pm, HIAP Studio Johan Tobias

HIAP Open Studios provide the resident artists with an opportunity to present their work to local colleagues and audiences in an informal and relaxed setting. In November, HIAP Open Studio features artists Kaisu Koivisto and Jonathan Hobin.

The relationship between natural phenomena and technologies is an ongoing subject of exploration for Kaisu Koivisto. She investigates the intersections of nature and culture and the modes in which mankind harnesses and exploits – or attempts to control – natural phenomena. Her topics are often closely knitted with the materials she employs: waste materials produced by a society of excess. Regardless of the topic or medium, an undercurrent of uncertainties tinges Koivisto’s work – the dark side of intriguing, beautiful materials and images.

Jonathan Hobin is an award-winning and internationally noted photo-based artist and art director. His work draws on iconic literary, cinematic and historical references and popular culture to explore the darker – or at the very least, the more troubling – aspects of childhood, imagination and storytelling. Coverage of Hobin’s photographic work has been extensive and has inspired passionate responses from audiences, creating a dialogue on parenting, media and the use of child models in art.

Refreshments will be served