Jessie Bullivant

Jessie Bullivant is a queer, Helsinki-based artist, writer and arts worker originally from (so-called) Australia. They completed an MFA at the Academy of Fine Arts (Helsinki, 2020).

Their site-specific, language-based practice often employs familiar administrative formats; recently taking the form of letters, legal documents, and a promotional email campaign. By allowing the personal, abject, humorous and poetic to encroach into these otherwise bureaucratic systems, their work gently explores the fleshiness of institutions and the bodies who are institutionalized by them. They are informed by legacies of institutional critique, reproductive labour, and queer and crip discourse.

I plan to spend my time in residence developing my writing practice through slow and sticky sessions of self-reflection, reformulation, and attempts at articulation. I will do so, as I always do, in company; with my neighbours, island and factory dwellers, and the fluids that circulate through my body and to my fingertips.

During the residency, I will undertake the following projects:
– A site-specific project in a flying-saucer shaped water tower in Espoo (Finland) in late-August 2020, in collaboration with artists Jani Purhonen, Kristina Sedlerova-Villanen & Emelie Luostarinen.
– A group-exhibition curated by Saara Hannus at SIC space (Helsinki) in October 2020. ‘Fantasy 1&2’ explores how normative romantic relationships internalise and perpetuate institutions of capitalism and hetero-colonialism.
– A new commission for Vantaa Art Museum Artsi, (launching in March 2021 as part of ‘Reciprocities’, curated by Christine Langinauer).
– A durational text-based project at Titanik gallery (Turku), happening throughout March-December 2021. Part of ‘Weathering’, curated by Katie Lenanton & Bogna Wiśniewska.