Francois Martig

Martig works with both photography and sound in his quest to scrutinize the kind of spaces that are usually concidered of no importance. He chooses to describe his work through a text by JP Otte:

“One cannot travel far if one does not know how to travel nearby. There is an expedition to be undertaken nearby. First of all one must travel deeply. There was a time when one square meter was enough for my contemplation. It still is, even though I often want to invest my curiosity in other places and feel a sense of belonging. As soon as we invest ourselves in a landscape, another one which is made up of our thoughts, feelings and apprehensions, flourishes within us.”

-JP Otte, “He who forget where the path is leading”

During his residency Francois Martig will give a live electronic music performance at HIAP Project Room on the Night of the Arts together with Finnish electronic music group SINIAALTO, set up several streaming audio events from Helsinki and develope his artistic projects further.

Francois Martig´s residency is organised within a pilot residency exchange programme between HIAP and Le Centre Européen d´Actions Artistiques Contemporaines – CEAAC, Strasbourg, supported by Kordelin Foundation and Frame – Finnish Fund for Art Exchange.