7 Dec 2018


Unproductive day

Access to the Sisä-Hattu Island is from the end of the street Veneentekijäntie in Lauttasaari. Follow the shoreline and walk on water to the island. Bring rubber-boots, or be prepared for wet feet. The artist will meet you in the island in his tent. “The artist is gone… call 0449268343… or go to http://robinsonhotel. over-blog.org” is a part of a work in process. It is about going outdoors, going to different places, not the art places. It is about the possibility of a person-to-person association during 5 minutes or 2 hours in the public or private place. The performance “Unproductive Day” is based on artist´s ideas on travel and territory and is realized on a small island, which is reachable by walking from the mainland.