Florian Roithmayr

“A major focus is my interest in the ways people bring their own narrative and fantastic modes of looking to objects or settings, and in how the settings themselves do not hold the same myths as people want or imagine them to do. Using photography, sculptural objects and video, I investigate the split that occurs when a history, an experience, or a myth dissociates itself from its actuality and both layers become incompatible. I touch on a myriad of references to social differentiation, religious organization, myth making and historical ideologies. Much of the work, which is often based on the geometries of man made traditions, can be seen as an attempted blue-print for a personal vision of a world to be shaped within the surrounding moral homelessness. I am interested in a common place of minute gatherings of refusal and disruption, which are left to us to somehow live out the combined entities of participation and criticism, of action and fabrication.”

– Florian Roithmayr 2006