6 Dec 2018


Treasure Hunt Helsinki

A treasure hunt through the centre of Helsinki: riddles and clues to discover history and myths. Take part in a game organized by artist Florian Roithmayr. During the residency at HIAP, artist Florian Roithmayr will explore the notion of the treasure hunt – or the idea of the game as communal search, both as metaphor and theme, motif and melody. It is envisaged as a blueprint for an alliance that links the fragmented elements we all experience in contemporary culture and which can be referenced and enacted. On Sunday 19th of March, he will stage a treasure hunt in Helsinki that will be open to anyone who wants to participate: it will be a game across different sites and locations within the city, where riddles will have to be solved and clues have to be discovered. The underlying motives are to create an opportunity to form temporary teams that play a game against each other and collectively search for a treasure, or search for a common goal, and in doing so, might re-discover the place they inhabit and create a new temporary commune within it. The first clue will be published in NYT Weekly before the hunt begins to familiarize participants with different stories and themes informing the hunt and introduce the game itself. During the hunt, Radio Helsinki 95,2 MHZ will be broadcasting instructions live to lead and guide the participants through the city and from location to location.

Participating teams are invited to follow the hunt using the radio broadcasts as well as clues they find at each location. Each site has a specific theme: the teams will have to interact within these settings and find the hidden clues. The overall narrative is based on Finnish mythology and the Karelian narratives and legends which inspired a national awakening. The outcome is an afternoon of playing a game within teams and the opportunity to re-discover and re-invent a city that might already be too familiar. The game might lead into situations that are challenging and seem absurd, involve some problem solving skills or spontaneous thinking, but mostly will test enthusiasm for working together within a team.

The treasure hunt project has been developed with support from HIAP, Radio Helsinki 95.2 MHZ and Helsingin Sanomat NYT Weekly