Evgenia Golant

Evgenia Golant (b. 1973)

“I graduated from St. Petersburg State Academy of Applied Art and Design Academy. Russian art school requires a lot of work from nature. I can hardly paint from memory, only what my eyes actually see. During my work I realized that the exchange between the artist and the model is the most valuable thing for me. The relationship between me and my objects are full of undiscovered possibilities. The interaction with the object is important for me. The strain occurred during the work is necessary for creative process. Atmosphere of a place or often unpredictable reaction of strangers whom I paint becomes part of the paintings. Artist becomes a sponge absorbing the describing nature. In this case I almost paint with my eye not hand. Often it creates non ordinary, sometimes even risky communication. For example, when I was working on the series “Market”, one of the salesmen-models devoted a poem for me, another one gave me some fruits, one suggested to call my style “O-Horror”, and one hated his portrait so much that I had to run away from him.”