17 Dec 2018


Evgenia Golant : Remade in Kallio (Part 1)

28 June – 14 July, Kallio Kunsthalle

Remade in Kallio (Part I) is an exhibition in Kallio Kunsthalle by Saint Petersburg based artist Evgenia Golant (b. 1973) consisting of the results of her two-week visit to the meeting place Elokolo in Kallio.

Elokolo, situated next door to Kallio Kunsthalle, is a place where people can come during the day to socialize, read the papers, have some porridge or a cup of coffee. For two weeks in June 2013, Golant partook in the daily activities of Elokolo by, among other things, painting people.

The tradition of portraiture is re-interpreted in Golant’s work as she engages with the people, both staff and visitors, she encountered at Elokolo in their daily environment, listening to their tales and painting their pictures.

The atmosphere of a place and the sometimes unpredictable responses of the people she paints become part of her work. There is a strong tension in the painting situation, which creates non-ordinary, at times even risky communication.

“Painting is time consuming. As I was doing my work, people were telling me their life stories. I want these voices to be heard where my paintings will be seen.”

Evgenia Golant has been on a residency at HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme in April and June 2013 as a part of the Changing Places programme.

Opening Friday 28 June at 6–8 pm. Welcome!