Chuyia Chia

Chuyia Chia was born in Malaysia in 1970. She moved to Singapore in the late 1990’s and is now based in Gothenburg.

Chuyia Chia’s practice has evolved from her cultural identity as an immigrant in the 1990’s into a global concern in recent years, combining attention to environmental responsibility with a focus on connection and communication between peoples. Her perspective in action art centers around the body as an agent between her subject and the witness, which she shares and communicates in an encounter. Chuyia has collaborated with other artists and participated in many international festivals and events in more than 25 countries.

During her residency in Helsinki she will be participating in Uprooted Fake Nations, Festival of Experimental Live Arts, from September 5 to September 7, 2013. In addition she will be working with the project A drawing a day, which is open for collaboration and encounters.