17 Dec 2018


Tourist Exchange

23 September, 2-5 pm,Central Railway Station-Helsinki Cathedral-Market Square.

Performance actions by Chuyia Chia and Ignacio Pérez Pérez

What is the state of mind of a short-term residency artist and an intended long-term resident, but a new immigrant, to a country?
Chuyia Chia, originally from Malaysia, now based in Sweden, is in a one-month residency programme in Helsinki at HIAP.
Ignacio Pérez Pérez, originally from Venezuela, is in a state of being between a tourist and a resident, attempting to start his new life and love in the land of Finland.

The two persons cannot deny the fact that they are the temporary resident and the tourist; one might feel like living in a bubble, the other refuses to be a tourist. The two performance artists would like to share their experiences and exchange points of view through their actions in three touristic spots in Helsinki.  The event starts outside the main entrance of Central Railway Station, then moves to Helsinki Cathedral and ends at Market Square.

You are welcome to witness the exchange and share your point of view.

Chuyia Chia’s residency is realised with support from Nordic Culture Point.