Bita Razavi

Bita Razavi (b. 1983)

Born in Tehran, Bita Razavi lives and works in Helsinki, Tehran and Tallinn. She has graduated with a Bachelor of Music from Tehran Art University and with a Master of Fine Art from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts.

Collective memory and collaboration are essential elements in her works. The dialectic between bringing what is personal to public and the impossibility of total exposure because of law or social pressure has created a secretive and criminal aspect in most of her works.

Razavi had her first solo exhibition in Israel under the name of an Israeli artist, which was a manifestation against the political games between Iran and Israel. She has exhibited her works in Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, 3rd New Art Biennial of Tehran, 1st Trondheim Biennial, XV Biennale de la Méditerranée, Thessaloniki, Helsinki Photography Biennale, Helsinki Design Museum and Cité international des Arts, Paris.