Alberto Scodro

Alberto Scodro (b. 1984) is an Italian artist currently living in Bruxelles, Belgium. His research focuses on the experience of space and matter. Scodro is particularly interested in the physical, psychological and cultural stratifications of energy sources and the possibility of short-circuiting them. In his work, space and its cultural relationships, as well as its physical interactions, are at the heart of oblique installations in which simultaneity in space and time (inside and out, here and there, near and far) are charged with a new specific meaning.

During his residency at HIAP, Scodro will continue his research and examine all of its aspects in depth, using the international context, creative confrontation, new spaces and new people to intensify the process.

Alberto Scodro’s residency is a part of the exchange programme with Via Farini in Milan, Italy.