13 Dec 2018


The Sight Couldn’t Be Any Better

You are warmly welcome to the event on Thursday, 24 April at 6 pm.

Alberto Scodro and Luca Monterastelli came to Helsinki for a month and now their residency will culminate in an event at Gallery Augusta. Their residency is organised as a part of the exchange with Via Farini, Milan.

In Alberto Scodro’s (b. 1984) work, space and its cultural relationships, as well as its physical interactions, take the form of oblique installations in which simultaneity in space and time (in and out, here and there, near and far) are charged with new specific meaning.

Luca Monterastelli (b. 1983) is a sculptor whose practice is focused on forcing matter into the same condition as our bodies, creating a perpetual reminder that we are matter too.

In their event at Gallery Augusta, Scodro and Monterastelli will exhibit artworks created during the residency and talk a bit about them.

Snacks and drinks will be served.